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Storytelling for Product Managers

Shobhit Chugh | July 20, 2018

Storytelling differentiates the average Product Managers from the awesome Product Managers. There is literally no other skill that comes close when it comes to differentiating PMs. Given that PMs lead by influence, not being able to tell a consistent, compelling story, is going to slow down your career progress.....

How I Stay Productive as a Product Manager

Shobhit Chugh | April 12, 2017

One of the core challenges for Product Managers is the sheer amount of work that they can potentially do, and the number of email threads, slack messages, and meetings that call out for attention. I have made the mistake of spreading myself too thin; of making a little progress in all directions, but not really making an outstanding impact in any one aspect.....

Product Managers, Let's Embrace Deep Work

Shobhit Chugh | December 16, 2016

As product managers we have a LOT on our plates. Product strategy, vision, facilitating meetings, bug triages, writing user stories, answering questions from the sales team, design reviews, customer meetings, usability studies, stakeholder alignments, bringing the donuts and what not.

Why (And How) to Ask Effective Questions

Shobhit Chugh | August 12, 2016

Every week I sit down and plan out my schedule. I always go through an awful exercise of determining what is important to do and what I should not do.My list of To-do’s is long. This exercise is painful.

This week I was reading a book called The Four Disciplines of Execution. The book emphasized not asking this question, but instead asking ‘What is the thing, that if you did much better, and kept everything else in your operations the same, will have the biggest impact on our business?”...

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