Become a Better Product Manager week over week!

Most Product Management courses teach you 'How to become a Product Manager.' But what happens when you are already a Product Manager? How do you make make sure you are continuously improving, becoming better every day?

Practical Product gives you the tools, the frameworks and the peer practice groups to make sure you inculcate the habits that make you a great product manager.

Starting A New Product Role

Ready - set - GO! When you’re a PM dropped into a new team, you have a small window to assess the situation, get your plan together, and get going fast in the right direction. How do you get up to sp​​​​eed and be successful as soon as possible?

The Intentional Product Manager

Product Management is a difficult role. It is easy to just go with the flow, to do the things you are expected to do, to attend all meetings. But to realize your true potential as a Product Manager, you must take control of how you approach each interaction, each focused work session. You must be intentional about everything you do.

This course breaks down the habits you need to build as an amazing product manager, and enables you learn and practice every day with your peers,  with so that you can get better every day and become an amazing product manager.

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